Lean Low & DJ Dubplates – Pay It No Mind out now

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Politics. Media. Society. A vicious cycle of propaganda, not so hidden agendas, division and fear. Now isn’t a time for apathy, but sometimes tuning out is the only chance for peace, clarity, and maintaining your own sanity. Pay It No Mind is a new mixtape crafted to help you do that.

Ten fresh beats from Lean Low & DJ Dubplates to zone out to in your whip or at the crib with a glass of Crown Royal and a Cali kush blunt to hand. A transatlantic link up where London meets LA, Pay It No Mind was heavily inspired by Memphis rap classics; Three-6 Mafia, Gangsta Pat, DJ Paul and Lil Noid.

Through a mutual love and respect for that era’s raw production values, DJ Dubplates and Lean Low set out to make a mixtape that would flow with an affirmed nod to this style, whilst seasoning it with a contemporary twist.