Mach-Hommy ‘Bulletproof Luh’ Out Now On Limited Edition Vinyl

Bulletproof Luh is a surreal ethnography, an exploration of the deep bond between binaries. Over nine courses, Mach-Hommy splices together vignettes of deep affection, engendering a microverse in minutes.

Grounded in trauma, ambition, lust and creativity, this is no ordinary Luh. In this fractured material world, that most deep and personal emotion becomes a matter of extremes. The love a hustler feels for their knot, that dirty stack of rugged paper bulging and breaking rubber bands… a users’ love for the temporary relief of addiction. The victim needs the assailant, they form a whole that reflects the nature of their environment. No matter how fractured or self-sufficient, isolated or lauded, powerful or wealthy, our Haitian auteur’s parables are vivid reminders that the human being needs the balance of another.

So puff that herb, tuck this blick and buckle up.  

Bulletproof Luh is out today on three limited edition vinyl formats: standard edition, special edition and a collector’s edition, which includes a bespoke laser cut sleeve and cassette tape edition of the LP. This album isn’t available for digital download or streaming anywhere.

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