Rawkid – Grum vol.1 out now

Bad Taste is proud to present Grum vol.1, the debut mixtape from Rawkid. Ten hard-hitting tracks from the versatile emcee whose distinctive high octane style, uncompromising northern accent and abrasive slang has made him one of the most exciting emcees to come outta Sheffield. 

Grum Vol.1 stands out from his peers because the bulk of the mixtape was produced by Trellion & Sniff, a cult duo known mostly for their hazy, outsider hip hop. So when they applied their sound, it was the perfect match for Rawkid to body it. ‘Steve Harvey’ was the only track they didn’t produce, which came from OKBREEZ. Kyro is another MC from Sheffield that features throughout the mixtape and has a distinct style.

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