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bad taste
Catalogue Number
Release Date
30 November 2018
  • Vinyl, 12"

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    • Limited edition white label pressing
    • Hand screenprinted PVC clear sleeve
    • Includes DL Card
    • Hand numbered
    • Taped shut for preservation

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BAD TIMING is an album that moves at its own pace. An evolution of ELWD's sound but with more focus, consideration and coherence this time around.

'What Is it?' opens with similar soulful traits you might expect from an ELWD production but this time there's more live instrumentation and a more meditative approach; longer instrumentals to lean back and zone out to. In his own words “the album plays best in one sitting, drifting in and out of tracks and moods.” This record isn't built for the modern world's endless skipping, scrolling and short attention spans. Give it time. Listen in full.

Taking influence from hip hop, jazz, ambient music and electronic yet not leaning to one conventional genre, the lo-fi soundscapes weave effortlessly throughout. ‘80 Winks’ merges rhodes keys, heavy bass, off-kilter drums and tape saturation before breaking out into a neck-snapping beat. 'Daytime Telly’ continues with Herbie Hancock-esque Rhodes keys, subtle horns and a lighter, melodic touch.

Deliberation and care was part of the creative process, as ELWD explains: “This album took me a while to put together, it’s more condensed and precise than my past. there are many different thoughts and processes that went into it, yet all collectively meaning the same thing, that there is no right or wrong way to do things. Ultimately bad timing is a album where you can create your own experience and that was always the aim.”

Digital Track List

  1. 1 WHAT IS IT? 3:32 Buy
  2. 2 NEW ENVIRONMENTS 4:12 Buy
  3. 3 THAT EYE 3:36 Buy
  4. 4 80 WINKS 3:41 Buy
  5. 5 WAKE 3:19 Buy
  6. 6 DAYTIME TELLY 3:42 Buy
  7. 7 DREAM MAKER 164 3:16 Buy
  8. 8 LMK 2:54 Buy
  9. 9 R 3:37 Buy
  10. 10 PROPER WARM 3:11 Buy
  11. 11 IF I 2:41 Buy
  12. 12 SO IT SEEMED 2:36 Buy
  13. 13 TESCO BLUE 3:47 Buy


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