Walter Ego – Seven Star Ball EP out now

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Walter Ego has been collaborating with an array of mcs and singers for a hot minute now – Slick Don, Trim, Rawkid, Winter Rose, Gavlyn, Blimes Brixton… but now he returns with solo outing Seven Star Ball EP to rattle your subs with three hard grime instrumentals.

Inspired by Dragon Ball Z, there’s subtle references dotted throughout and a raw energy that mirrors the Super Saiyan charge of Goku from the TV show.

‘Raw’ is the a murky, 808 heavy hitter with Hitchcock-esque strings, ‘Sensu Beans’ follows with a more mindful and melodic edge whilst ‘Goku’s Legend’ closes with a discordant urgency – eerie synth toplines and sparse percussion build up then break out into a thunderous beat.